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Owning a horse can be one of the most rewarding and and challenging endeavors a person can take on. Whinny Water has responded to the challenge of horse hydration while keeping the horse's well being in mind. Check out our flagship product Whinny Water and let us know what you think.

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Here's what some folks are saying about Whinny Water

”Clarity really likes this in her water. I’m so happy Ryan and Nick developed this product! Now I don’t have to worry about getting her to drink “unfamiliar” water when we travel!”
— Patti G.
I was able to try a sample at HFF this weekend and am sold!! I have a very finicky drinker when on the road. I have tried hydration bales (which were ok, but not good enough). He has colicked because of dehydration. I offered a bucket of Whinny Water and he did not hesitate drinking 1/3 of the bucket. I ran back in and told Kelly I was sold!! I will be ordering!!
— Vicki H.
My horse never wants to drink water when visiting other barns. Whinny Water is great; he drank the whole bucket & licked it clean. I’ll never travel w/ my horses without it. Peace of mind!!!
— Jody P.
Yay! I’ve been waiting impatiently for more Whinny Water since the clinic at Nancy’s when V wouldn’t drink and I was getting so worried. I was amazed and thrilled that she drank 2/3rds of a bucket about 10 seconds after you mixed in the WW! Dehydration is a always a risk when traveling with horses....I’ll feel so much better having Whinny Water on hand. Thanks so much for creating such a great product!
— Tamera C.


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