At Whinny Water we are dedicated to our horses. Our aim was to create a product that promotes overall horse health and happiness. Whinny Water Original flavor made it's debut at the Midwest Horse Fair and sponsored the NVRHA event at The Horse First Farm in Brooklyn, WI.

One of the leading causes of colic is eating without drinking enough water. Horses tend to do this when being trailered, cold weather, a new environment or during times of stress. Whinny Water encourages your horse to drink under these conditions, giving you peace of mind and keeping the horse healthy.  Whinny Water is not a cure for colic, but it can be an extremely helpful aid if your horse is showing early signs of colic. We all know getting one hydrated quickly is the key to saving $$$$ and possibly his life!

I recommend giving Whinny Water at home in a familiar environment for the first time. I remove all water source except for a fresh bucket of Whinny Water and allow the horse to figure out how much they are going to love the treat at the bottom of the empty water bucket! Once they find this you will never have trouble getting them to drink again.