Hey Whinny Water family,

As the new owner I am looking forward to growing Whinny Water to a Global Equine product! Since I was a young girl, I always knew I had tiny horses swimming around in my blood. My best friend introduced me to Hayworth Stables where I found my HAPPY PLACE! The deal was show up, clean stalls, ride horses! This girl was hooked, line and sinker! I love to fish as well!

Currently I live on 13.5 acres and have 4 rescues, 2 QH brood mares, 2 QH yearlings, a Palomino Shetland pony and mini donkey. My horse goals are to show and compete in NSBA and Quarter Horse. I am an avid proponent for giving back to the industry and this is why I rescue and retrain grade horses and place them in forever homes. I feel it is the obligation of every trainer and breeder to give back to the forgotten. My favorite rescue is Last Chance Corral In Ohio. https://lastchancecorral.org/

God put this love for these beautiful majestic creatures in my heart and in my veins. I have always
wanted to be involved and make an impact in the horse industry but most importantly for the Kingdom Of God! I will now get to fulfill my purpose in life!

Taking Whinny Water out to the people of the Equine World and sharing the hope of True living Water found only in JESUS CHRIST!

I cannot wait to get out there and meet you all.
God Bless,
Kristen Hudson

Whinny Water founders Ryan Rose and Nick Rivera

Passionate horse professionals that are inspired to improve the bond between horse and human is the best way to describe the team of Ryan Rose and Nick Rivera. They set out to create a product with two-goals get horses drinking more and staying hydrated in the stressful demands of their performance arenas. God’s design for a flight or fight animal to be one of man’s most useful creatures for work and pleasure in today’s world is amazing. Clinics and training have taken Ryan Rose all over North America and abroad, his passion is to be an effective horse trainer and teacher connecting owners to their horses. It definitely shows in the amazing product he created with Nick Rivera. Long hours of testing to get the formula perfected, making Whinny Water the most unique hydration product on the market today. Nicks story comes from the backstretch of the racehorse industry growing up listening to his father talk about horses and training he knew they would always be a part of his life. His passion for all things technical and love of film is leading him to pursue more of a behind the camera role with The Horse First. I know this unique partnership will make its mark in the equine world.

Thank you both so much for this opportunity. Kristen Hudson