Hello everyone, thanks for checking out Whinny Water! I'm really appreciative you've taken the time to look at the brand Ryan and I are building. My journey with horses began as a kid hearing my father's stories of training and racing horses when he was younger. Since then, I knew horses would be a part of my life in some way or another. My path hasn't ever taken me to shows or competitions, all of my hours in the saddle have been largely for fun out on trails, backcountry or in the arena. Anyone who is involved (professionally or otherwise) knows, there are some gaps in equine care that have a need to be filled. Whether its physical, nutritional, or psychological; there's always something we can be doing better for our horses. My hope is that we can bring you products that meet these needs, starting with our flagship product, Whinny Water. Thanks again and good luck with all you hope to accomplish with your equine partner. 

 - Nick Rivera, Horse lover and cofounder  

Hey Folks,

 I have been passionate about horses my entire life so much so that I have made my career focus on teaching horsemanship all over the world.  I have been a professional horse trainer and clinician for over 11 years. I have ridden endless miles of trails, gathered thousands of head of cattle, and shown in cutting, reined cow-horse, and ranch versatility. In my travels hauling horses all over the country and seeing hundreds of horses at my events, I found myself and others frequently concerned about the horses not drinking enough water. They were still eating their hay and feed, but very few were drinking much water; a recipe for colic! My friend and business partner, Nick Rivera, and I were discussing this concern during a long haul we had from Wisconsin to Colorado when we came up with the idea of creating a product that was easy to use and will encourage horses to drink water as well as give them added electrolytes. That is when Whinny Water was born. I hope whinny water will give you peace of mind and keep your horses healthy and hydrated.